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I promised a while back to take pictures of my room. but see, my digi cam broke. I only realised YESTERDAY that fuck, I have a cell phone, and it has a camera. SO I TOOK PICTURES OF MAH NEW ROOM. Also :> you get to meet the reason I've been busy the past couple of days too!

Moar Iguana pictures!Collapse )

The terrarium you see is temporary - long story short, pet shop owners are ASSHOLES. And I'm an idiot for trusting them, so technicaly all my fault. But anyhow, thing is, that terrarium will become small in a couple of months. I'm making it a large enclosure after contacting a reptile vet (my instincts screamed the pet shop owner was not giving me the right info so I went to a vet - granted, I should've gone BEFORE buying the iguana e.e I got over excited, my fault, but it's thankfuly something I can fix up - dad builds a lot of stuff and offered to build it it's large cage. We start this weekend - I'll get photos when it's up)</div>

That's my room! Yes, eyerape bedsheets. HUSH.

Moar room pictures! I took photos of my brother's room and the guest room tooCollapse )

Yup. That's what's kept me busy for a while. I need to take better pictures :< keep in mind this is my stupid cellphone. Not the best quality.
mood: good good

Got main computer back set up JUST now! Woo hoo! Now I have to play the catch-up game with work I owe though (BOOOOOO), but still, so VERY happy to have my computer back and my room set up *looks around*

Now I kind of... have to add my books and stuff to the shelves, AND pass the clothes from the drawers in the next room to my new, shinny closet n_n *so happy you would not believe it.* Anyhow, I r back now. I'll see about getting those photos AFTER I set up the books and the clothes and stuff. Roffle D; I have pokemon bedsheets. Pikachu/pichu/raichu bedsheets, to be exact. Yes. I know.

I've missed being able to arts. I want to arts. ANYHOW YES. Photos later if I can get the stupid cam to stop yapping and bitching at me; I'll photo up all 3 rooms cause they're epic. Unfortunately XD Only Tofu's BEEN here, so only she'll be able to know the difference. Because I kinda suck and forgot to take photos BEFORE we took out all the stuff. Turns out we're actually gonna be able to accomplish this thing during springbreak! Only a bit more cleaning up left to do downstairs and everyone will be happy.

Oh, and Kiru has a potential girlfriend n_n .... .... too bad that I doubt my dog has hormones enough in him to even know wtf he's meant to do. Mark my words. I'm taking him down to meet her next week and they're gonna sit there going " :< WHAT ARE WE SUPOSED TO DO, AGAIN??" I love my stupid lil baby.

PS - (Note to self) Ask Tofu for that Paper arts thing so I can work on it while I do customs
PSS - Go on a fucking diet and stop eatting home made cake
mood: excited excited

Rawr rawr raweeffdgfgdfbdfgb.

Fufu, Myly, (you too, az, even though I only just kinda met you D; but that's not the point), I have no clue if you guys even read this thing, but I'm mostly leaving the note for you two in case you come on and go "Where the fuck did Daff go to?? DID SHE DIE?? IS SHE MAD AT US?'' like some people keep wondering.

NO. I am not dead. Or mad.


I'm in the middle of taking allllll my furniture out of my room - I did the bookcases and everything aside my desk and bed yesterday. Today, both bed and desk AND computer go out. That means no .... desktop computer. And posibly no internet (the router sits on my desk). So no, I did not die.

I am so eager to get my lime green eyerape pastels .... furniture :< SO READY. GIMME. *runs off to work* Fufu, myly, I'll ship you two MMs over at digis in case you don't read this.
mood: determined determined

CaracalConcolor: I have maple candy. Jaeger made it for me.
Darku Angel: I read that as
Darku Angel: "I have a male candy, Jaeger made it for me"
CaracalConcolor: ...
Darku Angel: me: .... candy with gender? ...........
Darku Angel: you don't want to know where my mind derailed to

.... sometimes, I wonder about myself.

Also, wow, look, I remembered I have one of these and can update *stabs self*

mood: hyper hyper

First off, I am glad the Hurricane left Houston and so god damned relieved Kissy's okay. Even though she doesn't have an LJ. ... and won't be reading this. Don't care, had to say it. Kissy, I can only have conversations like this with you, honey bun.

Covenmice: I'll scan the romance meme of gabe/Jamie I did during the hurricane later for you :D!
Darku Angel: YUATHfghsdgf
Darku Angel: that means yay
Darku Angel: :D
Covenmice: XD
Covenmice: <3 its okay, i speak daffu
Darku Angel: are you fluent in daffu??
Covenmice: i is!
Darku Angel: GASP
Darku Angel: who did you learn from
Darku Angel: >8(
Covenmice: yuuuuuuu
Darku Angel: NOWAI
Covenmice: it was osmosis
Darku Angel: .... are you aware how amazingly moronic our conversations are? ILU

Second off, Fefe, ILU too xD lawls wtf:

Torn x Puppet: It's like... aim express. xD
Torn x Puppet: from what I can see
Darku Angel: .. I shall the fuck away <<
Torn x Puppet: You know, that sentence is fairly bad when you forget 'stay'.
Darku Angel: ....
Darku Angel: I wanted to say stay
Darku Angel: why didn't I type that
Darku Angel: wtf is wrong with me
Torn x Puppet: At least you remembered 'the'
Torn x Puppet:
otherwise it would have been really bad.
Darku Angel: ....
Darku Angel:
I shall fuck away!
Darku Angel:
Torn x Puppet:
lmao xD

Third off! .... I had a horror movie encounter last night after I went to bed. Holy hell. I was laying there in bed, facing the ceiling with my eyes open in the dark and then randomly out the corner of an eye, I see this ..... thing.... shadow.... THING crawling up my wall, 10 c away from my head (My bed is against the wall, so it was crawling up from... under the bed but up the wall). So obviously I twitch and face it; it looks like a long ..... thing that keeps craaaaaaawling up.

I freak out and hit the lights to see WTF it is.

A huge centipide is there CRAWWWWLING up my wall, and then ZOOMS down under my bed again (the light frightened it). Obviously, I had to hunt it down. And kill it. Under my bed. Before I could sleep again >_>; WTF dunno where it came from or anything; the underside of my bed if clean. But yeas :D! it was freaky! ... *headdesk* ... *repeatedly*

Yeah. Life.

Yes. I am disturbed. Moving oooooooon....

I need to go to the city (insert here angst - I hate driving in Valencia, it's all crammed with cars and people are so agresive when they drive there dfgsdf but the shit I need to buy is too far to actualy go by train) today tomorrow (I only just noticed it's sunday, not saturday, oh good god, my internal clock; it is dead) to get books for myself, and supplies (yay art college yayay) and for my brother's new year. Also, must buy disturbing comic book called Lenore. Because I must have disturbing comic about a dead little girl that has a doll that's really a bowel-eatting-vampire.

What, me? In need of mental health? Naaaaaah. Why would you think that? >>;

PS - hopefuly no one's around the hurricanes and everyone's alright ;0; *misses Kissy* Kissykins, I hope you're okay there in Houston...
mood: dorky dorky

In fact, he makes me wonder a lot of the time. Good lord. So okay, we got his final-fucking grades for the hard ass exams. I wasn't expecting him to fail or anything (he's smart), but I wasn't expectin STRAIGHT A + ON EVERYTHING either. WTF WTF.

 .... how... wha- .... gfhdfghdf???
Brother: *looking at the grades* ... you know? If I'd have actualy studied, I'd have gotten A* not A+ <3
Brother: .... lawls, no. Dad knows I didn´t ;;; I kept on telling him I knew the stuff...
Me: FUCKING HATE YOU ghdfh *was unable to pull off straight As on those exams, and HAD to study, geesus christ dfgdfgsdf*



mood: amused amused
music: Chata - Dango Daikazoku

So okay. I had a really weird dream last night. In which I learnt I am not afraid of ghosts, or monsters. I am afraid of LIVING DOLLS.

Fucking. HELL.

They're creepy things.

The dream was FINE and dandy till the damned doll came out and scared me shitless. I was startled awake and lay in bed trying to squint my eyes open in the darkness, and for a full minute I just LAY there, thinking there was this creepy doll staring back at me in the darkness, but I couldn't see. All my brain could think of was "...there was a creepy ass doll with a flashlight, trying to kill me, there was a creepy doll with a flashlight, trying to kill me, rant rant rant rant." Took me a while to be able to stretch my hand out towards the light and double check before going back to sleep.

So yes. Ghosts don't scare me. Neither do monsters; it's dolls that do the trick. dsfgsdfg staring at you with soulless eyes. God damn. Amusingly enough, and for some reason I can not remember, I was in the dream with Tofu, Myly, Abby and Amanda. And for some reason I also can't remember, we were playing basketball. And Tofu's dad was our coach. And we didn't want to play. But we did anyway.

Don't ask. I don't know what logic my brain was following. WHEN does it ever follow any logic anyhow?

Also, when I can't sleep, I draw. Apaparently.
mood: scared scared

I've cleaned out most the stuff in this journal. Kinna need to clean out the icons now. And should probably ponder getting myself a paid account so I can have the ability to have more icons, if I find myself using this more often than I HAVE. We'll see.


This is just a post to let people know know that yes, I'm back. And I should probably make a vacation post but .... later. After I finish figuring out this journal. Gosh why haven't I used this in so long, what is wrooooong with me. Wish there was a way to make all the previous entries friends only or what not, Blah blah blahhhh

For now, here, have dancing Mogwai I made >>;

Edit: NVM got the account anyway, and gods it feels so much better being able to tinker with the icons and the stupid layout and shit. Now that I've cleaned and got it all outta my system I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!
mood: chipper chipper

my pet!

I love my new pet Vampy ;O the albino bat
mood: dorky dorky

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