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Say love!

Too much candy's gonna rot your soul

22 September 1984
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I sat down to make this profile following some simple instructions and stuff; yay me! I think the outcome is semi-decent. Anyhow, enough of that. Blah. So my name is DFA (you can call me Daffu), and no, don't ask what it stands for, it was my first internet name and I'm still embarrased by the fact it's followed me for like, five years. XP I'm not telling you what it stands for (If you know, power to you!).

I'm 23 years old, and you might know me from Wajas, Deviantart or Gaiaonline (or somewhere else XD I don't think many people go by the name DFA, lawls *hides*). I live in Spain, Europe (the next person to ask me where abouts in the USA Spain is, will get kicked to the moon, I swear), which means my time zones are slightly off and stuff. My hobbies include art, and rpging, amongst other things; yes, I roleplay. I usualy roleplay OC stuff (original character stuff?) though I sometimes rp fandom stuff too, depending on the fandom.

This journal is very random. I use it to post WIP art, fiction, and other stuff, along with the usual... things one would post in a journal. Add me at your own... er... yah.

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